miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008

the vanguards in the contemporary art


THE VANGUARDS IN THE CONTEMPORARY ART. The art that was developed later a years fifty are an art neoexpresionista that, among other things, it restates the expressive elements traditional through the appraisement of the material used as base of the expressive quality of the work; this is, the revaluation of him matérico taken by some artists in the decades of sixty seventy and restated in the decade of the eighty. In the decades of the sixty and the seventy we meet with a group of imaginary resolutions and of real contradictions where the work, unique, symbolic and visionary element enters in conflict with the new thing and him old, the cultural thing and the economic thing, between the image and the symbol. One can to say that these two decades are of statement and revaluation: of an art gestual and sígnico (that should their antecedents to the automatism of those Surrealist and to the discovery of the graphs and extreme pictografías oriental); of a painting matérica; of the inclusion of the use object common and of the waste material; of synthesis between the visual thing and the ideological thing and, lastly, of harmonizations of textures, of particular effects chromatic. To want that every period only embodies an artistic style or a way of seeing the reality is not to understand the tense and contradictory that has always been the modernity. Be that he/she chooses a certain gradualismo so that it accepts it to him, as in Chile, or, because an accent of anachronism-the old thing next to him new-him it is consustancial. Then it is commendable, the question to our art state regional, loaded with a prehispanic sincretismo, where it still pursues us the graphology atacameña that so much shade has given us. Until when we believe that for local culture, he/she understands each other all that related with tambos, quenas and pan-pipeses………………………? Undoubtedly the modernity, only arrived to our Capital-Santiago, newly with the irruption of the geometric ones, at the end of the decade of the sesentas, then when he/she will settle in our local scene…………………………………….. Neither so near the Facilities, Made in Conceptual Art; Neither so far from the one Before Columbus ethnocentrism. Which is it then, our tendency Aesthetic, in the middle of XXI century?

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