martes, 7 de abril de 2009

new scenarios part 2

Cultural Centers: New Scenarios Part 2. Without doubt the inexorable Minotaur's labyrinth, always present in the local plastic, occasionally shows some output, which oxygenates the cultural Antofagastino Three new spaces for the visual arts have been opened recently. First there was the cultural center of St. Thomas University, soon changing the climate expected to continue growing. After living library, plaza and mall of its intimate place of exhibition. And to close the trilogy, the ballroom of the new casino lounge, hosts the talented Luis Núñez Saint Martin and his series on the trades. Undoubtedly three initiatives that dignity art. Here, the locations are beautiful and quiet. Interestingly pregnant. A factory recycled into a cultural center, a bank, a former department store sales, some stores, etc ... All have one thing in common: they are buildings that have been excluded from the production system because it did not meet the performance requirements profitable, given the new features of the market and technological development. The unusual feature that presents the history of our visual arts, should not lead to discouragement or apprehension in the reader unfamiliar with the topic of culture. My unwavering commitment to this great challenge of installing a first class cultural center, with a curatorial quality and appropriate facilities according to the demonstrations there will be displayed. We applaud these initiatives, even the debt remains in official cultural policy, which has shown no sign of architectural quality, which are seriously the new creations of local art

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