miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Art or Design..................?

Art or Design ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..? Andy Warhol studied illustration and its beginnings were a fashion designer, after illustrious names of Philippe Starck, Kenzo Tadao, Karim Rashid and our Sebastián Errázuriz have successfully embraced the two disciplines, art and design The relationship and difference between Art and Design, from a cultural vision, which quoted other views, to the aesthetic and social issues is evident. A good design does not do it either. You have to know the rules and laws that define it, and the many representative systems that support communication. In this process, he finds the need to rethink the spiritual, emotional and expressive, as part of the growing development of conscious subjective. This spiritual need increases or grows to the extent that economic conditions are satisfied, therefore, as far as man thinks and lives depend on this act. The "needs" type spiritual part of a "necessity" inherent in our human condition and have a specific function or purpose: to fill the "hole" or gap suprasensible human condition which is not material, but satisfying and creates feelings, emotions, thoughts, and which are purely personal and experiential, therefore, subjective. The purpose or function of this "necessity"-call it "Art" - is precisely issue, observe, draw, make you feel a problem of cultural and disseminate and present outside of their circle of action: that is, outside the person itself. The more we are able to perceive cultural systems (Art) be better able to understand and enjoy. Instead, the design of another need. The design is to communicate and communication. But if you say the art of good communication and good design is called, does this not mean that "Design is the art of communication? Need to communicate to another and another function. So we are not purists, welcome designers, architects, installers, self, etc .... And found a new man-creator. This phrase is not mine, the said Walter Gropius in 1919 to found the Bauhaus in Weimar Republic. Salvador Olivares Lauriani. > April 2009

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