lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

caravans traffic; local export art

Caravans traffic; Local Export Art.

Two important representations bártulos to start preparing their trip, the diffuse

path of creation.

From the frequent connection between rock art and trafficking routes in the desert of Atacama, conduct an analysis of the rotational mobility model and its relation to some aspects of the Andean rituals, based on the registration of two sources of creativity: "The North "exhibit in Brazil in June and the" Triennale Chile 2009 ", will arrive in October.

These samples were selected for their location and their significant contextual associations. Probably there are few elements in common between the two exhibitions. The first described as a group already formed, while the second responded to a call for selection. This suggests that the two sites present different kinds of Trustees, as well as potential logistical functions within the model of rotational mobility, differences attributable to different types of traffic involved interregional traffic and local traffic as well as aspects relating to the appropriation of space and the rituals associated with each site. This set of variables allows the characterization of progress in economic and ideological interactions in the desert between different cultural groups.

"The Triennial of Chile from the figure of the map of the country considered itself an image to the edge, a vertical line that encapsulates different boundaries, and to move virtually covering a projected strip the Southern Cone of Latin America. Thus, the aim is to explore the limits of art in situations which in themselves are extreme: the map of Chile and their long displacement between the center of creation. "

May 2009

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