jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

the immeasurable beuty desert

The immeasurable Beauty Desert………………………………………………. Aesthetics and beauty, these two terms have much to do with each other and with third parties is the art. Art, is one virtue or to make art and industry can also mean the set of rules to do something. Where man makes art on the one hand and the other is a spectator. Khan said that should set the properties of art. The former seeks the facts aesthetics of modern art and aesthetics seeks to explain. While the concept of what beautiful is associated with the philosophy in the V century BC. And for the classic era aesthetics will relate to the Canon Pericleto. Constituyéndose canonical laws of 3 key elements: general philosophical foundations, the observation of organic beings and knowledge of the laws of aesthetics. It was then that aesthetic in the classical period has a predilection for organic forms, proportions, being also the aesthetic beauty of classical art realistic, and a static beauty psychophysics. Where the representation of the scenarios is a very influential and there is a change of art; how are chronically turning the facts as they see fit to make or receive. Considering the dualist classical aesthetics: the beauty and art. But in the classical world archaic, pre-V century before Christ, in the government of Pericles, aesthetics was associated with rigid geometric forms and many of the forms are inspired by Eastern aesthetics. Philosophers Joni to go beyond the material, empiricism, hedonism, imitation and inspiration; regarded as a breath of madness. And sophists, in this period, focus on the value of the floor making an attempt to separate what is beauty of what is art. And Socrates was the enemy of sophists; introducing good and truth as absolute values and moral value of beauty. It presents great Greek philosophers like Plato on the terms of beauty and art by saying that "the idea is the reference and if something is beautiful about this regards." Establishing the triad plutoniana: truth, goodness and beauty. The art was something that had a purpose and beauty can only be picked up by the mind. Aristotle also argued on these terms of art and beauty and said: "Everything is art production but not every production is a work of art." Certainly our locally produced live one second air after 60 of those years, where currents of symbolism and the new figuration, emerged as a breath of influences latinoamericanizadas, merged with a palette of ochre colors, red and black, stressed that beyond of the historical circumstances and facts of his succession. Today production is varied and without a unifying political discourse, said Waldemar how Sommers is a time of confusion-fusion techniques and styles. (Catalogue Those 80's, National Museum of Fine Arts.) The immeasurable beauty of our desert, we give away a milestone shortly, which will be the Triennial of Art, with the stamp of being a national event. What will be the names of artists antofagastinos that will make history in 30 years, when published the book, ART 2000? Salvador Olivares lauriani July 3 / 2008

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