lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

the mall............

"IF THE MALL glasses." Seen from a family Antofagastina, a weekend either………………… .. The intention of this text is to reflect, from art and humorous, on the model of society that we have been building in recent years in our country. To achieve this goal, modify its sociological aspect, both externally and internally. (Our guilty pleasure by consuming……. Versus a modest attempt to consume culture.) It's analysis of others, to assess the low academic productivity of our schoolchildren, in relation to the economic boom in the region, last in the first and leading the best salaries. What do ?........ much of our monthly budget destined to consume culture, meant by that, buy books, attend concerts, recitals, see plays, art cinema and so on.… . It is work of State bringing art and culture to all corners of the country. And the conditions are difficult because many times in our country spend little on culture. (They also have their private share of responsibility.); In our country we spend too little on scientific and technological research and that is probably a reflection of a reality that we can not forget. We are a poor country. But undoubtedly enrich this poor country today requires that conditions for the company to develop properly, so balanced and sustained. And it is this policy of progressive growth, which will provide us with better scenarios for the local culture and national levels. The relationship between large shopping malls and cultural spaces, has had excellent results in other cities throughout the country, the Museum of Fine Arts at the Plaza Vespucio and Tobalaba Plaza, Art Galleries top level Boulevard in the middle of Parque Arauco and many others bodies, which have merged the entertainment and beauty of spirit. Do not try here before you, encouraging a naive idealism, but we understand something very simple: anyone looking for what is not conceived, it is therefore necessary that "we can" grow and conquering new territories within us and then look outside. The ability creative and imaginative indissoluble part of the right to draw horizons dignified life itself. If you go to the mall………………………………………. Salvador lauriani

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