lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

what is a sculpture?

What is a sculpture ?....................................... From Latin sculptures, art of sculpting. The Visual Arts representing figures in its three dimensions: height, length and width. In response to the method, material and technical, there are three systems make sculptures: 1 .- method add, is material clay, metal and wood, and techniques are modeling, welding and gluing. 2 .- method of shielding, took materials such as stone or wood, and techniques are sculpted and size. 3 .- method of casting, using plaster, concrete, metal or plastic The role of the Sculpture: Throughout the greater part of human history, most people were illiterate, and the sculpture also played a role or didactic teaching, to explain to the people certain events or concepts. Thus, in the Middle Ages, at the time of Romanesque Art, often referring to the reliefs of tympanums of the covers as "stony catechisms' or 'Bibles in stone", executed to enlighten the illiterate population. The ornamental function can be linked to any of the other functions, although sometimes it may be the main objective, as with the plant or geometric decoration. In anicónicos styles, such as Islamic or Hebrew, plays a key role. Also largely sculpture of the twentieth century, especially the abstract, mainly fulfils this function. The sculpture is divided into two main branches, ornamental statuary and sculpture, as representing the human form and express concepts suprasensibles man or deal in play artistically other beings of nature, animals or plants. The first bears the name of property with sculpture and has a perfect itself, the second playing a secondary role to serve as assistant to the first and Architecture. Recently suffered a serious fracture one of our most recognized sculptures and icons in the history of our city. While fulfilling functions rather monumental watchtower, looking to the east and back to peaceful, a large sculpture created as a tribute founding. The history of the city, its residents and especially aesthetics, which require a deep look at the reconstruction of this sculpture, forgotten by many.

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