miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

approaches, following the ridge.

approaches, following the ridge Approaches to the study of cultural identity, after the mountain range. The purpose of this paper is to show some features and methodological implications of certain recent approaches to the study of social communication from the perspective of the processes of reception, located on the periphery of our long scenario, where high culture, not trickles, or drip reaches Santiago and Valparaiso, in some ways. The cuts show that a rain of paint brushes, jars, mattresses, several lights and cachureos soon cross the mountains, to conquer neighboring territories, in art, clearly. Our memory, fragile as the old cassettes, which were recorded and then erased, and so many times, until the tape, and even entire pegoteada painted cutex soon forget this milestone of the local plastic. So we must take all necessary precautions and take over the spot, so do not forget the memory. Learning is defined in terms of relatively permanent changes due to past experience, and memory is a crucial part of the learning process, without it, the experience would be lost and the individual could not benefit from past experience. Unless in some way prior learning can be recorded, can not be used at a later date and therefore not be in a position to benefit from past experience. Recent approaches to the study of cultural identity, after the mountain range, is a cultural radiography, where the pre-Columbian iconography, finally can relax after a long time. Salvador Lauriani O

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