jueves, 2 de julio de 2009

ode to cachureo

Art Object: "Ode to Cachureo." The definition of the verb collect, has the particularity that Ensim and contains a load of beauty and silence, otherwise there would be no explanation for so many artists, and why not, people and wild grown cachureos to act together. The first definition may be designated to collect the fruits of the earth and time during which it is carried out this work: the harvesting of the rice is done mechanically, during the harvest many farmers hired laborers. In that moment two things intersect, where he was dressed in costume artist? Art-Object, elevated to the dignity of art to simple, everyday objects as proof that art is above all an attitude of mind which resides in the viewer and, by representing these objects in an exhibition hall , reflects the aesthetic qualities and not utilitarian. By removing an object from its usual context and which performs a practical function, but this is garbage and in turn was placed in a dimension in which the absence of anything useful it could be aesthetic. What determines the aesthetic value is no longer a technical process, but a mental act, a different attitude to the reality. Articulation technology is to integrate traditional media, painting, sculpture, unorthodox elements for your setup. This technique may be considered as a way to scenographic boxes or three-dimensional objects in which the elements are combined outside of their everyday context and given a different intention 03 July 2009

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