martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

Murals in the City..................

Murals in the city ..................... In Chile the mural is a graphic expression which for decades has been incorporated within the city codes. And the interesting thing-and worthy of reflection, I think, is when this can be done for some genuine artistic expression but for others it may be just vandalism, or propaganda. How ultimately define what the fine line that separates them? Define what is a mural; As current aesthetic has its first manifestations between the twenties and forties, at the end of the Mexican Revolution and that arises when the Latin American art, dependent on Europe, Mexico takes a moment of particular interest to develop the art of mural. The changes resulting from this period, especially social, generate a new vision in front of the occasion to represent the arts as well as a new way to see the mural vida.El responds to revolutionary ideals and peace policy and is not in itself a technical or fresh as the mural: a school or movement. In Chile, the mural begins with the brigades that were organized in the seventies, for propaganda purposes, which, after the triumph of Allende, worked as awareness messages on the responsibilities of the State and society. Among the most famous brigades are Ramona Parra, Inti Peredo and Elmo Catalan, which introduced a language and particularly with certain functions: fillings and funds in pure colors that vibrate to the interior of thick black lines delineate the brochazo, introducing symbols (pigeons , Fists, faces, stars) to form strong and shocking images that transformed the cityscape. With the Coup d'Etat, the movement was interrupted, barely subsisting as political resistance, the return of democracy, the artists have done murals at universities, buildings in the centre of the capital and Valparaiso (where there is a special journey, in the heart Cerro Bellavista, the birthplace of wonderful, open-air museum.) Our city is ready to receive the first major task of occupation of the city, from the gaze of history's great north, its people, characters and anecdotes. The concern involves the construction process of memory and no doubt should exist similar projects in the medium term. Where is important not only because the story (memory), but also the perspective of aesthetics and art theory. Unable to collect history, propaganda and also good contemporary art. Salvador Olivares lauriani August 2008

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