viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008


URBAN mural lll The mural painting dignifies an area specifically, a set of murals in town dignifies the whole, their neighborhoods and their inhabitants. A recognition and appreciation to all the designers who are giving away moments of beauty for residents and visitors of Antofagasta, in every corner of the city, becoming a space alien and antisocial in a meeting place and communication based on creativity, execution based on the beauty of urban geography to watch and listen to the art of the streets. The brigades are muralists Chilean experience absolutely original. They were born with a purpose practice: advertising policy. There was in them or a teacher or a group of artists. All they know what they learned to work. All they have done what they learn. For them the academy was the work of the street, day or night, harassed by their opponents or fleeing police. In the haste was born an art fast, direct, simple. As in the art of the primitive Christians, the city wall are made of symbols and letters. The dove, hand, ear, the star, as are the language of a new faith for a long time that was disclosed in hiding at night. And as these primitive artists, members of the brigades muralists did not know they were making a new form of expression and the possibility of a genuine folk art. The murals are anonymous and urban passengers. The bottom line is that they do not persist. The message changes the pace of events. They are so linked in life that his art is in permanent conflict with the wind, rain, with the work of other men. What today is painted is destroyed tomorrow. We inhabit the city, walk around and discover that the artworks are waiting on every street corner, where architecture, poetry and art have a responsibility aesthetics, which will be the legacy for the history of the coming years. All those who inhabit the town know the current situation of our city, a unique city with a valuable cultural past, but that time he has left deep footprints and resent the social problems that have arisen or aggravated by their same geographical features. (Far from manifestations of real cultural value, which favors the scenery of the way, on the merits.) SALVADOR LAURIANI Olivares September 2008

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