martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

OTHER MURAL..........

OTHER mural……………………. "Imagine a city where graffiti is not illegal, a city where everyone can paint anywhere. Where every street is awash with millions of colors and small phrases. Where to wait for the bus has never been boring. A living city that belongs to everyone, not just the state and owners of large businesses. Imagine a city well and you do not get too close to the wall, is freshly painted "Banksy We inhabit the city, walk around and discover that the artworks are waiting on every street corner, where architecture, poetry and art have a responsibility aesthetics, which will be the legacy for the history of the coming years. All those who inhabit the town know the current situation of our city, a unique city with a splendid past, but that time he has left deep footprints and resent the social problems that have arisen or aggravated by their same geographical features. (Far from manifestations of real cultural value, which favors the scenery of the way, on the merits.) The mural painting dignifies an area specifically, a set of murals in town dignifies the whole, their neighborhoods and their inhabitants. A recognition and appreciation to all the designers who are giving away moments of beauty for residents and visitors of Antofagasta, in every corner of the city, becoming a space alien and antisocial in a meeting place and communication based on creativity, execution based on the beauty of urban geography to watch and listen to the art of the streets. The mural painting dignifies an area specifically. The murals of neighborhood reinforce the identity of the people, are not a panacea to curb the decline of neighborhoods filled with children abandoned by the state, school and family, but they are a good outlet for frustration and anger, build self-esteem and to teach skills and realizing we generate respect and motivation. The public art facilitates communication between individuals, peoples and cultures There is no need to maintain attitudes alienated and marginalized AFE city, the best tag is not ruining other people's work, librémonos of feísmo that New York has imposed the world. Examples forward in Valparaiso and on the banks of the Mapocho River, realize a urban intervention of visual quality and better ties with the usual spectator. September 02-2008

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