lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2008


The ATTACK OF THE BALLS OF ART ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Casa de la Cultura de Antofagasta "Mainstream artists' vision of a younger generation to the process of creation - continues the presentation of the catalog, using the proceeds to support symbol-gas cylinders, is a unique project in our country that brings us to new dimensions of contemporary art." At the Cultural Center of our city is presented to show that you have balls of gas as a carrier. (Moving the material object, dadaist influence in the 21st century). In the very essence of art is the search for new forms of expression. That is how the plastic never ceases to amaze with proposals that sound gimmicky but on this occasion is right on experimentation with other material, away from the classical concept of the table hung on the wall. (Does our landscape tradition will be ready for this brutal contrast?) This is the case with "The cylinder as the base", which conducted the contest Foundation Gasco inviting a group of more than 90 young artists (Santiaguinos of course) to develop sketches of intervention of balls and ponds of liquefied gas, carrying an object for everyday use in homes Chileans to other dimensions. (Pop Art: Made in Chile) The sample was submitted earlier this year in Santiago, with good reception in the artistic medium, as this new medium enabled artists to develop their creativity with versatile works that reflect the trends of the new generation of Chilean painting. (The painting is dead, long live painting!) The 12 winning artists, selected by a jury of experts, were in their workshops cylinders and ponds which used it as a new pictorial support, giving way to works that are notable for their versatility and freedom, and reflect the look and current renewal of this young generation of Chilean painting. The works are presented in this exhibition are the result of this creative challenge and belong to TRUFFE Bruna, Daniel Mena, Sebastian Leyton, Malu Stewart, Jorge Gonzalez Lohse, Rodrigo Cabezas, Victor Hugo Bravo, Jose Maria Spencer, Gaston Laval, Mario Z . Pablo Jansana, and Michael Wright-Morgado. (All capital ...) Salvador Lauriani O

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